National Youth Arts Wales
National Youth Theatre of Wales
"100% passion and commitment"
New Welsh Review

"It's difficult to resist becoming intoxicated by
the dream-like atmosphere of a NYTW performance"
Big Issue Cymru

National Youth Theatre of Wales (NYTW) offers world-class training and performance experiences for young people. NYTW creates diverse, risk-taking contemporary theatre and is a flagship for youth theatre in Wales.

NYTW offers a range of exciting and inspiring training and performance opportunities, working alongside industry professionals, and selected members will be invited to participate in one or more of these opportunities throughout the year.

We're looking for creative and enthusiastic young people who love theatre and performing, and are excited about learning new skills and working with new people!

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* 14 - 21 years old
* passionate & curious about Theatre and Performing Arts
* keen to work with world-class theatre professionals
* already involved in drama (performing or production)

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