National Youth Arts Wales

Zap the Dog.

Ray Farr, the new conductor for National Youth Brass Band of Wales, tells us more:

Q: Why did you chose Frank Zappa's Dog Breath Variations for the Band's repertoire?

A: It's simple really: I think it's wonderfully zany music - witty and fun, but very difficult to play, particularly for the percussionists. It will be a real experience for the players. Having said that, I think they'll love it.

Q: Apart from the musical dog with halitosis, what else do you hope to bring to this year's NYBBW concert?

A: I aim to bring an outlook on music making to young brass players that will last a life time and, hopefully, inspire them to their highest achievement. Music making requires many skills, which when combined with youthful energy can produce quite wonderful results.

Q: For people unfamiliar with brass band concerts, what is there to recommend in turning up to one of our summer dates?

A: The concerts we give will have an extra special quality. Why? Because this is a chance to come and observe what the youngsters have been learning on their course and the audience can directly involve themselves in something that will be more than a normal concert experience.